Rewarding my efforts

Some of you live in places where a walk out your back door puts you in the most gorgeous of settings. And while my backyard has its fair share of nature, sadly, my office surroundings. do. not.

So while taking a break and walking for 30 minutes, I was on the lookout for something…anything…that might distract me from “exercising.”

And was rewarded with these, compliments of my camera phone.

The Bradford Pear trees think winter is long gone. Sometimes they are in too much of a rush and get nipped later in the season.

But my favorite SOOC shot is this one. I pulled it into the color palette maker I told you about HERE, and created this.

Submitted for Creative Exchange

11 thoughts on “Rewarding my efforts

  1. The benefits of having a phone with a good camera! Your shots are lovely, and I thank you for sharing the signs of spring, especially since I am looking out at snow which appears to be on the verge of changing to rain. I guess that could be a sign of spring, albeit not nearly as attractive as yours.


  2. Beautiful! I took pics of all the blooms a few days ago and went out today and took more…so sad to see some spring blooms are short lived. Of course, there are new blooms to replace those that’ve withered away.


  3. Lisa, the pear flowers are just gorgeous!!
    I love the little splashes of pink, and love what you did with the color board.

    Thank you so very much for being a part of The Creative Exchange, and I will surely still see you here!

    lisa. xo


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