Are you a secret snacker?


What do you eat when nobody is watching? A couple of years ago I came across some stats in Health magazine.

46% of us have been caught digging into a secret stash. (yep, guilty…my latest “stash” is Girl Scout Thin Mints)
71% said we’ve buried a food wrapper deep in the trash can to hide evidence. (um….yesssssss)
86% of us wait until we’re alone to eat favorite indulgent food. (of course…why on earth would I voluntarily subject myself to condescending looks from those who doesn’t think I need Thin Mint cookies?)

Fitness magazine tell us:

71% of women snackers report sticking to only one serving. (But who are we kidding…a GS Thin Mint cookie serving is really one sleeve, not 4 cookies, right?)

The number one trigger for a snack attack? According to this survey, it’s boredom. Well, I’m here to tell you that with me, it’s STRESS! I can’t even remember the last time I was bored.

Yes, I’m a stress eater.
Yes, I have emergency chocolate. Except right now…because I’ve RUN OUT!

And yes, I know all about identifying the emotional “triggers” of stress eating. They are as follows:
Family issues
Work crisis (aka website malfunctions)
Any prolonged left-brain activity
Depression (see above)
Frustration (see above)

Yeah, that pretty well sums it up. I know there are healthy snacks I could substitute for that sweet, delicious, creamy, melt-in-your-mouth chocolate…but all of them do absolutely nothing for the cortisol rush needed to combat Code Red, unrelenting stress. The problem is…those times seem to be ever-increasing.

Which is now why I need this…

I call her Callie. She sits on my smartphone’s screen as a constant reminder to enter my food and exercise for the day. She tells me how many calories I have to begin the day and how many I (hopefully) have leftover for *snacks* at the end. As long as I don’t keep secrets from her, our relationship will be fine.

What’s your go-to secret snack?


7 thoughts on “Are you a secret snacker?

  1. At first I thought this read slacker…and that I am! As far as a snacker, I am one of those as well. Secretive, not so much. I am wide open with my unhealthy nibbling habits…love my chocolate!


  2. My go-to snack is anything dark chocolate, but I don’t think I’ve ever hidden it.
    There’s always plenty here to go around, so I don’t have to worry about it disappearing.
    I have however, been known to threaten anyone who may attempt to eat the last of the chocolate-peanut butter ice cream! Oh, how I love that!
    I am the opposite with snacking. If I am stressed, I have a hard time eating anything.
    Except the chocolate-peanut butter ice cream, of course!

    You have a great weekend my Friend!


  3. Not a secret snacker but a snacker nonetheless. I graze instead of eating real meals. As an anorexic, I have made a commitment to eat one healthy meal a day. I’ve been on track for over a year. Maintaining a healthy weight but still not getting enough nutrition to have tons of energy. For the past 3 years, I’ve been an M&M eater. I’ve finally had my fill. Time to try something else. STRESS is my trigger too.


  4. Not secret, not stress. Stress makes me not eat. My favorite snack depends on the moment, or the week. Sometimes (most times) it involves chocolate, sometimes sometthing salty, rarely anything really healthy. I think I do fit in the snacking when bored – or when reading in the afternoon. Snacks and reading seem to go together.


  5. I can so relate to this. I am a stress eater too and always have chocolates in my purse. It isn’t so much of a secret though. People know whom to go to in case they need a quick snack 🙂


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