Spring has sprung!

Spring has definitely sprung here in middle Missouri. Yesterday was officially the first day of spring, and the bulbs I planted last year have pushed their way through the mulch and are rewarding my back-breaking efforts. Flower bulbs have always fascinated me because when we plant them in Autumn, they look positively dead. But we diligently dig holes, drop them in, cover them up and believe they’ll somehow come alive again in a few months. Something deep down inside that dead-looking bulb knows when it’s time to wake up and begin pushing up through the ground and explode through winter’s silence…seemingly saying Hey! Remember me?!

Next to Autumn, my favorite season is Spring with it’s promise of rebirth, new growth and second chances. That’s what Spring means to me. A time to shed the winter of our lives and begin fresh; begin new; to start over. Some people see the new year as January 1st. But I see the new year beginning when the earth comes alive again with beautiful blossoms and new growth unfurling on every branch.

New possibilities. New beginnings. Optimistic futures for everyone.

If we can just get through tornado season safely.

Here are a few more signs of spring from my neck of the woods.

Sub­mitted for Quo­tog­raphy:  Spring

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