Birthday wishes for my firstborn!

Happy Birthday Army Wife! As my first baby, you’ll always be the one who promoted me to the status of Madre, Mom, Mama, Mommy. And today you’re 27 years old. Twenty-seven! Time certainly does fly.

Every child’s birthday causes parents to pause and remember. I’m certainly no different. I can still clearly remember the day you came into this world. I wasn’t super young…in fact, I was the same age you are today. But age doesn’t really prepare you for mommyhood now, does it? But regardless of age, I was full of hopes and dreams for your life.

Twenty-seven years have passed and I see a beautiful young woman with a family of her own. We’ve made wonderful memories together and I cherish all of them….yes, even the dark, high school years. Of course, I’m thinking we could have probably done without those experiences, but looking back, I see how they helped mold us into the women we are today. We all make mistakes along the way, but never doubt that you are a gift from God and I’m eternally thankful and feel blessed to be your Madre.

You’ve gone from a helpless 7lb 12oz baby to an independent, beautiful woman. Life has challenged you in many ways  over the years, but I’m confident you’ll always emerge triumphant because we tried to raise you to be resilient in the face of adversity. And never doubt that our love, support (and guidance if you want it) is always there. Most of all, I pray you’ll keep strong in your faith and become everything you’re destined to be.

You’re a woman with many different sides to your personality. And, although you wear the title of wife, mama, sister and friend….



you’ll always be my first-born baby! Happy Birthday Army Wife/Peanut’s Mama! Hope your year is everything you’re dreaming it will be.



6 thoughts on “Birthday wishes for my firstborn!

  1. You have done your usual great work!!! Such a nice tribute to my first grandchild. Ilove her so much and her Mom as well.


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