Flowery friends…or is it friendly flowers?

Texture by Kim Klassen Cafe: Bestill

Did you know many trees actually flower? Neither did I! When touring the yard yesterday, I took a closer look at my sassafras tree and there they were…tiny, little yellow clusters of sunshine. This tree has been in the yard for 15+ years and I’ve never noticed the flowers.

It’s amazing what we can overlook year after year. Things that are usually right under our noses. Much like friendships…or really any relationship. How many times do we take for granted those we care about? How many times do we overlook them and focus on the new or more “showy” things in life? But a true friend, related to us or not, will always be there, year after year…like little clusters of sunshine. We just need to remember to stop and look closely to see how lovely they are.

I found some more little spring treats to share with you. But for now, this one is linking up with Quotography: Friendship.

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10 thoughts on “Flowery friends…or is it friendly flowers?

  1. Great minds! Last week I noticed the very same thing about flowering trees. Sometimes in the spring of the year especially we’re so excited about the obvious blooms that, as you say, we neglect to look closer at the more subtle shows in nature. Our friends are so different as well, each needing and giving something different.


  2. Love the shot n the texture. The quote is so true and like you said..we all take granted at one time or the other what is constant in our life and that can include good friends. LOL on noticeing the flowers on the tree…we never stop learning do we!!!!


  3. Oh my goodness – your words are so true! It is hard not to take for granted the things in our every day lives. I have heard that every tree and plant will flower if it has the right growing conditions.


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