K is for Knowledge

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Have you ever known someone soooo academically superior to you, yet had not a clue to what was truly important in life? Accumulating knowledge without gaining wisdom is an empty effort. Knowledge is not wisdom. We can gain knowledge, but wisdom meets us in the trenches of life.

Knowledge gives us the tools we need to function intelligently in our lives so we’re not labeled the village idiot. We can become more knowledgeable by reading the backs of cereal boxes. But wisdom…wisdom is knowing what to do with knowledge to make life better, richer and more meaningful. One learns wisdom through trial and error. Sometimes many, many errors. As we mature, wisdom can be discovered through observation.

It’s true we can become more wise the more knowledge we seek. But knowledge and wisdom speak their messages to us differently. Knowledge articulately reads to us; it desires to have us know facts and details; it speaks to our minds. Wisdom whispers to our hearts; it helps us to feel things above and beyond the facts and statistics; it speaks to our spirit.

We can store up all sorts of knowledge in our brains. Knowledge teaches us the whos, whats, whens, wheres, whys and hows. It teaches us how to interpret lessons. But all this information will just sit there…waiting for us to discover the wisdom of what to do with it. When wisdom finally arrives, it won’t need to be debated, analyzed or deliberated by any further intellectual activity.

It’s a fact we all must seek knowledge in order to discover wisdom. And in a strange twist, the more we know, the more we realize what we don’t know!

Sub­mitted for ABC Wednesday Round 10

7 thoughts on “K is for Knowledge

  1. How profound, and yes I do know someone who is very knowledgeable, especially about literature, but has absolutely no concept of what it means to “live happily.” I feel so sad for her as she’s missing out on a lot (in my humble opinion) but then I guess she’s happy being so intellectual. *sigh*

    abcw team


  2. So true, which incidentally, (truth, I mean) is a combination of wisdom and knowledge I think. In order to know He who is Truth, wisdom and knowledge are both needed. Knowledge to know and wisdom to follow.


  3. Excellent! Knowledge isn’t particularly useful if one doesn’t have the wisdom to use it correctly. We all know life is for living; it’s just a shame so few regret not really living…I know you know what I mean by that!


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