N is for Nonsense!

Texture by Kim Klassen Cafe: Let-Go

It’s no secret, I’m a right-brainer trying to survive in a left-brain world. And one of the ways I do that is to make sure I get appropriate amounts of Nonsense. Call it silliness, folly, craziness or ridiculousness, a certain amount of it is necessary to avoid becoming completely analytically insane.

It’s pure imagination!

And if you need a more current example of imaginative nonsense to jump start your creativity, you’ll like this one.

We should all be so wise.

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12 thoughts on “N is for Nonsense!

  1. Well there’s good nonsense, and bad nonsense. I think we see too little of the former, and much too much of the latter!

    So I’ll happily sit for a dose of Burtonesque delight! (Exactly the sort of nonsense that’s good for what ails us.)


  2. Ah…nonsense is so nonsensical…and so much fun once in a while. Life can be so serious we need to relax and be child-like someties!

    abcw team


  3. My apologies for putting in a link that didn’t want to cooperate. I’ve replaced the first video with another link to the same movie.


  4. I am so glad I stopped in today. #1 – I love your Wednesday posts. #2 – Celebrating nonsense? A perfect celebration! #3 – The Gene Wilder version of Willy Wonka is one of my favorite movies. #4 – The quote you highlighted is something I say often. And #5 – Pure Imagination is on my ipod. I adore that song.


  5. Thats usually why I go to movies, to watch something like Alice in Wonderland the the like. I want to leave the show happy. And I love almost anything that Johnny Depp is in.


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