Project 64: Violet

It’s Week 63! One more link up after this and I’ll have a complete box of virtual crayons! Violet (aka: Purple) was a little tough to find. My spring flowers tend to lean towards the yellows and pinks. So, when Tanner and I went walking last night, I stalked, spied on, wandered in and out of, kept my eyes peeled for purple. And I didn’t have to wander too far off the road to find this lovely purple…ahem…I mean violet and white iris. With camera phone in one hand and leash in the other, I single-handedly got the shot…amazingly in focus. Amazing because Tanner found something needing his undivided attention in the flower bed right about the time my finger hit the shutter.

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5 thoughts on “Project 64: Violet

  1. I have some violet blooms right now, but the one you got is very nice. Especially since dog-on-leash is not conducive to getting good photos, which I’ve learned the hard way.


  2. Totally impressed with your ability to snap that gorgeous shot while hanging onto Tanner with the other hand. I need 3 hands to use the camera that’s part of my not-so-smart phone. Next time, I’m going with an iPhone.


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