Creatures of habit

It’s a little blurry, but you can see what they are.

 I watched them at the feeders all winter. Earlier this spring I took inventory of the nests to see how they’d weathered the winter and wondered if they would be attractive enough when the real estate market picked up again. Then I heard the familiar chip chip chip from the treetops, and saw occasional flurries of activity in the viburnum bush. Now, it appears the nursery has been renovated and is ready for another generation.

Last summer we had baby cardinals. I wonder if these are from the original set of parents or if one of their kids brought home a new member of the family.

So now, I’ll try and keep watch through the window so not to disturb the soon-to-be mama. And I’ll worry about them during every storm and hope they built a strong nest. It’s on the back side of the bush, so maybe there’ll have a chance. Then, there’s the squirrels and other critters that like to raid nests. How do I help keep them away?

Of course, after they’re hatched, there’s always the question of whether they’ll fall out of the nest or be taken by the above-mentioned critters. So many things to worry about until they’re grown!

It’s as bad as having children of your own! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Creatures of habit

  1. I can’t wait to watch them hatch and start hopping around your yard.

    Some damn-fool robins built a nest right at eye level in our arbor vitae. Every single day I have to resist the urge to run out and check on what’s going on in there.


  2. How embarrassing to hit the wrong button – I apologize for my blank “comment”. We had blackbirds nesting in one of our arborvitae right in front of our pumphouse a couple of years ago and I peeped into the space whenever they were not around to see me – one day there were four little babies in the next, a few days later nothing. Obviously, these babies had a sad end. I can only hope that birds do not have the same maternal feelings that humans do.


  3. Indeed!
    I go through the very same things with our swallows.
    Watch and wait, and watch and wait, then watch and pray!
    I wish you a wonderful start to your week!


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