Just playin'

Not much to do today. It’s been raining since yesterday. I’ve made a pot of steak and potato soup and Tanner is sleeping in his bed. I have nothing really profound to say today, and Entrepreneur is watching some dumb show on tanks…Tank Wars or something inane like that. So I’m just playin’ in PhotoShop…mainly to avoid laundry and other much-needed mundane jobs. Maybe when the skies clear, Tanner can be persuaded to leave his bed and take a walk.

I’m really just keeping busy until Once Upon A Time comes on tonight at 7pm.

Found a flower at the nursery a couple of weeks ago called Gazania, or African Daisy. I’ve never planted  these in the patio pots and hope they can survive the days of neglect in store when I get too busy to remember to water them. They come in a bunch of different colors but I like the one shown in the above palette the best. Their color combinations are more interesting than the traditional white daisy and their petals are more unique than Gerber daisies.

They also only fully open when the sun is shining. On cloudy, rainy days, they prefer to stay curled up with a good book and a blanket.

Much like me.

What are you doing today?






5 thoughts on “Just playin'

  1. The color in this is amazing Lisa!
    I just love African Daisies.
    This weekend has been about lots of wind and cold.
    Definitely not a time for macro flowers, and that is what I feel like doing (of course!),
    so spent the last 2 days prepping for the end of the semester, which I am really looking forward to!! 🙂


  2. I hope your daisies do well Lisa, and that steak and potato soups sounds great.

    We enjoyed seeing the sun for the first time in awhile and it made it above 50 degrees today–yea!

    Of course that meant we played at a local nature center’s park.

    Great Sunday here.


  3. I had some of those in pots on my front deck a couple of years ago. Loved them! We had a sunny, warm day yesterday, so I spent the morning putzing around and the afternoon at the movies with my friend, the gracious one, after which we went to Applebees for a salad. A lovely lovely day in wonderful company. A refresher for the soul!


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