Following the sun

Call it a casualty of overcast, rainy days. Rain on Friday night. Storms and hail on Saturday. More rain for most of the day on Sunday…but Tanner and I did get in a walk between storm fronts. And more storms last night! Today isn’t much better with overcast skies.

Have you ever noticed that some flowers instinctively know where the sun is in the sky despite heavy cloud cover. They face the sun in anticipation of clearing skies and wait patiently to feel its warmth again. Others, like the Gazania, close up and refuse to show their beauty when the sun hides in the clouds; choosing only to open when the days are perfect.

So I’m thinking about this quote for Quotography and Texture Tuesday and wondering…what is the sun in your life?
What do you follow to keep you focused on the cloudy days?
What gets you through the stormy times in life?

Do you follow your Sun even on cloudy days?


On the more technical side, the prompt for Texture Tuesday was to use two of Kim’s textures any way we wanted. I chose Shine and the Multiply effect at 66% opacity. Then I chose Oh My and the Soft Light effect at 83% opacity. Finally, I used the eraser tool to bring the daisies back to full view and then added the quote.

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22 thoughts on “Following the sun

  1. My sun in my life? It is just that I have life and there is so much to appreciate in that. The joys of the friends and family, all those that I love so dearly, keep me going, keep me focused. My girls, all four of those furry, hairy, shedding girls, bring me joy. The birds in my yard, the deck on which I can enjoy the outside – all of those are my life. But let’s not forget the joy of chocolate and wine!


  2. Wish I could give you an unequivocal YES as an answer. But that wouldn’t be so. When I find myself struggling to stay positive, I try to just “feel” what I feel, take a breath, and keep going.

    The light returns, and we’re able to follow. Sometimes, we just need a bit of shade for awhile.


    • I find there’s usually a reason we’re temporarily in the shade. We all need to take a deep breath and keep going when those times happen.


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