The princess and her prince

They were the youngest couple at the dance. He stood tall in his military uniform and she was wore a gown of red satin. On the dance floor, she twirled like a princess and to him, that’s exactly what she was. He only had eyes for her…and to her, he was her prince…larger than life.

When the evening was finished, he escorted her home and kissed her goodnight. It was the biggest night of her young life. And one she wouldn’t soon forget. And neither would he.

The preparations began early that day.

There was hair to style and primping to be done.

It was a special event and she wanted to look her absolute best for him. She was giddy with anticipated excitement.

The finished result was stunning.

After posing for a few pictures, big brother gave his approval of her date.

And waving good-bye, Peanut and her daddy left for the base chapel’s Father/Daughter Banquet in high style. Not exactly in a magical pumpkin carriage pulled by white horses, but close…a mini van with a toddler safety seat. But I’m sure the special feeling of being a princess on the way to a ball was the same.

Peanut’s first dance. A very special event Mommy and Daddy will forever remember.

Photos used with permission from Army Wife, May 2012

8 thoughts on “The princess and her prince

  1. What a delightful post! The princess is lovely – I especially love the way she is happy / shy posing in front of the tree with those tiny shoes peeking out. Her daddy makes a wonderful prince & very smart to set the bar high from the start.


  2. What a wonderful series of photos to go with your story about the Princess ans the Prince! You have a wonderful family! Thanks for participating in the ABC meme.
    Wil, ABC Team.


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