Favorite April Photo

Texture by Kim Klassen Cafe: Chase

You first saw this iris for Project 64: Violet (aka purple). It was taken pretty much on the fly one night when walking Tanner, but it’s turned out to be my favorite shot for Quotography’s Favorite April Photo.

How close do you look at things in your life? We live on an amazing planet. From the complexity of nature to the vastness of our technological accomplishments, we can marvel at literally everything in our life. We can’t stand and look out into the universe without being awestruck at the sheer magnitude of it’s reach. We can’t look at models of the human genome without a sense of awestruck wonder at not only its creation…but at the scientists that unlocked its mysteries. Flowers, plants, animals, human being…we’re all beautifully and awesomely complex.

It’s the human mind that brought every discovery, every advancement, every convenience known to our world. We’ve harnessed the elements of water, wind, electricity and nuclear power. We’ve developed medical advancements that were beyond comprehension a few decades ago. Computers, microchips, cell phones, laptops, tablets, iEverythings are all evolving incredibly fast and there seems to be no limit to the uses for these inventions. We’ve explored space, the oceans and uncovered civilizations previously unknown to us. In literally nano-seconds we can be connected to anyone, anywhere in the world.

Yes, to not stand rapt in awe at everything around us is to be as good as dead.

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12 thoughts on “Favorite April Photo

  1. Such a lovely shot, and sentiments. It’s so true, I am constantly amazed at the detail of things, especially when I stop long enough to appreciate the beauty around me.


  2. There are times in my life when i have felt like i am ‘good as dead’ but then gentle just as spring follows winter i begin to come alive again. Lovely post.


  3. Really true words, there would even be times when I’d like to have tech detox and for 2-3 weeks I would stay away from all these gadgets. And using the most basic phone is so liberating. Happy weekend! Oh btw, I love your creation.


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