Q is for Quiet

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We’ve all experienced the thrill of going 100 miles per hour with our hair on fire. That’s just how it is these days. But that pace is not very conducive to making good life decisions most of the time, is it? When our lives are spinning a bit out of control (okay, wildly out of control) the last thing we need to be doing is making these sorts of decisions on the fly. Add to this spin other people who, bless their souls, try and give us advice, but end up just mucking up our minds and distorting our perceptions.

The first thing we should probably be doing is finding some of those quiet waters. Whether figuratively or literally, calm and quiet are a much better environment for us to sit and reflect on what it is we need to do. Because it’s in those places where the small, quiet voice of wisdom can guide our thoughts and actions. In the mirroring of those still waters, we see ourselves and life more clearly. Everything up to that point tends to just be one big blur.

Plus, there’s less chance the fire department will need to be called to put out our hair that’s on fire…and less chance of getting an expensive speeding ticket.

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11 thoughts on “Q is for Quiet

  1. It’s important to make the time to be quiet! This morning I went out with DL and as he was stressed out about his temporary move to London, I absorbed that stress, too. So, I suggested he go out and do the rest of his chores on his own after dropping me off. I didn’t blame him – I would be stressed, too, but it was better that I have some quiet time before my students arrive for their lessons. Otherwise, I would not be effective in my work. Wonderful post, Lisa. I always enjoy coming over to see your thoughts.

    abcw team


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