Happy Mom's Day to everyone who considers themselves a mom!

What makes someone a “mother”? Biology? Certainly. But what about the rest? It’s one thing to be an egg donor and a mom by default. It’s quite another to be vested in the role and embrace it with everything you’ve got. To those women…whether you have kids of your own or not…I wish you a Happy Mother’s Day! After all, “kids” come in all sorts of shapes and sizes…and species. 😀

And whether it’s ma, mom, mama, mommy or mother, if you see yourself as a caretaker of younger things, then you get to wear the crown and sash. Because being a mom means willingly giving up a part of yourself. It means going where angels fear to tread. It’s unselfishly putting the well-being of another before our own comfort. It’s the mother bear or lion instinct that kicks in when we sense danger to someone we love. And pity the person who gets in our way when that happens.

Mommyhood is a special kind of love we hold in our hearts and give away to anyone who needs it. Biological or not.

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10 thoughts on “Happy Mom's Day to everyone who considers themselves a mom!

  1. Happy Mom’s Day. Your website is so nice and peaceful. I’m going to add it ’cause it’s a nice chill-out spot on an internet filled with crazy and awful.


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