R is for Risk

Wouldn’t it be silly for someone to build a ship and then keep it tied up in the harbor? Many people could see it and think, wow, that’s one beautiful ship! Day after day it could sit there, tied to the dock, never venturing out into the water. It could stay that way forever…safe and sound…but what would be the point? The ship’s captain would never discover how well it navigated the waters; would never know it’s real capabilities; would never know to extent of its features.

And that would be a total waste of a good ship.

Aren’t we like that sometimes? Don’t we think it better to play it safe and never take a risk? After all….

If we try something new, we might fail.
If we forgive someone, we may appear weak.
If we admit our hopes and dreams, we may be disappointed.
If we take the chance on loving someone, we might get our heart broken.
If we reach out to someone else in need, we may be expected to stay involved.

Sometimes it’s just easier to tie ourselves safely to a dock and never venture into uncharted waters. But, when we pass up things with significant potential up-sides, we miss out on amazing opportunities. What we learn from our failures is sometimes more beneficial than what we gain from our successes.

However, not all risks are created equal. Some risks are just plain stupid, and we would be wise to second-guess those decisions before it’s too late. But let’s face it, life is full of risks. Pretty much everything worthwhile in life is a risk. If we don’t take them occasionally, we’re just like that beautiful ship sitting in the harbor, wasting away without any purpose in life.

The person who risks nothing, gets nothing in return.

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13 thoughts on “R is for Risk

  1. The “what if’s” can sure get in the way of a more fulfilling life.
    I have become more of a risk taker as I have gotten older.
    I don’t seem to care as much about what others will think. It has been quite freeing.


  2. I can see that you stimulated a lot of thought about risk. I have at times taken career risks and never regretted that. Some would say that I took great risks commuting for many years through city streets by bicycle, but even after a pretty serious accident, I can’t say that it felt risky. Now the stunts of some athletes in my R post are another story. i guess we each have our personal risk limits.

    P.S. To Roger: What’s a billion or two in the big scheme of things? Just kidding 🙂


  3. Your words make for some interesting thoughts. I have never thought of myself as a risk taker, I am certain I am not really a pioneer, but yet I have never been afraid to try something new (other than some obnoxious food items) or to make a decision when one was required. Does that mean maybe I am a medium risk taker?


  4. Oh Lisa! My sentiments exactly! For example, L has accepted a 6-month position with the London Olympics but it means we’ll be apart for all that time. Finally, life is good and we’re being torn apart. But we have to risk that this is for the best right now and that we’ll be together again soon.

    abcw team


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