Where the wild things are

Although we live in a “subdivision,” it’s in the county and, therefore, we don’t really consider ourselves “citified.” We don’t need any pesky permits to have impromptu neighborhood bonfires; the homes are close enough where we can yell if we need help, but not too close for us to catch a cold when someone sneezes. We may forget someone’s name, but we always remember the name of their dog…because it’s probably been loose in our yard at some point.

The yards are well-kept and all the plantings are maturing nicely. But, within those nicely manicured lawns are areas that remind us there are still a few wild things that resist being tamed. From the cardinal show playing out in our back yard, to the herd of does, that snack on various plantings, we’re a hybrid mixture of the best of both worlds.

But even though the neighborhood is firmly outside the city limits, there’s a few things I no longer hear on a regular basis. One is coyotes yipping in the distance at night. I guess the distance is more distant now that the neighborhood has expanded. Once upon a time, I could listen to bobwhites and whip-o-wills outside my windows, but they have retreated to less populated areas now. We still see a random wild turkey crossing the road from time to time, and I still hear a hoot owl in the distance some evenings.

But here’s a few wild things Tanner and I discovered that are still here, and have successfully escaped the confines of suburbia.


Yellow iris growing randomly in the weeds an unkempt area along side the road.

Having not quite made it to the wild perimeter, this box turtle found himself crossing our path.

And I heard him say, “Oh $#!%, that’s a big dog! I’m outta here. He turned around remarkably fast for a turtle.

But Tanner was too quick for him and Mr. Turtle retreated until we were safely out of sight.

Back to the wildflower tour.

Not quite open enough to be Queen Ann’s Lace, so it must be Princess Ann’s Lace for a few more days.

If you know what these next three flowers are, please tell me. I think they’re adorable.

Thanks for touring with me. What’s wild in your neck of the woods?



2 thoughts on “Where the wild things are

  1. A lovely walk, with precious treasures along the way! I do know the name of the first of the three mystery flowers but of course, this old brain of mine is not coming up with it just how. Providing it finally comes to me at some time when I am able, I will come back and tell you.


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