A hummingbird's eye view

Textures by Kim Klassen: Oh My and Cherish

I’m test driving a new site that looks like a lot of fun. I’m not sure I can commit to it every week, but I’m sure going to give it a shot. It’s called Flower Art Friday and is hosted by a lovely lady named Leanne. So, as a site newbie, I’m still getting my feet wet for the types of photos the group likes. Hopefully this one is a good beginning.

A few weeks ago I splurged and bought two pink Mandivillas for the front porch pots. They’re climbing the trellises and have the most gorgeous pink trumpet-like flowers. The hummers like them and so do I! This is a hummer’s eye view of one of them.

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15 thoughts on “A hummingbird's eye view

  1. I do love Mandevilla, another of those plants that can be enjoyed vicariously because it would not survive in my yard, in our climate. Just lovely!


  2. This shot is awesome in its detail and colors. You picked the perfect title for it. Maybe this is really what the hummingbird sees. It would be so nice if it was. Your capture is just out of their world pretty. genie


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