The Merry Month of May-hem

Textures by Kim Klassen Cafe: Epiphany & Chase

Flower Art Friday is fast becoming the highlight of my week. While I enjoy Quotography and ABC Wednesday, I find myself really looking forward to working on these floral arrangements. Snapped with my camera phone, this iris was hanging out by a neighbor’s mailbox…obviously waiting patiently to be captured on “film.” I’m really liking the effect of the two textures I applied. I’m still new to working with textures, but I’m learning. Mainly by looking at all the fabulous examples by some of you out there in the blogoverse.

Did you know the word iris takes its name from the Greek word, rainbow? I didn’t either. It’s because there’re around 300 different species of iris that come in every color of the rainbow. I think I need some of these in my yard. Say….96 colors worth (wink wink)?

Speaking of May…is anyone else just a bit relieved it’s almost finished? I sure am. I love the flowers and spring colors, but most years May turns out to be nothing but Mayhem. Every May we have 5 birthdays, and this year one family member’s was the big 5-0…which of course warranted a big party. On top of that, Entrepreneur’s parents celebrate their anniversary (56 years and still going strong!). THREE wedding invitations showed up in the mail. Our niece was in a youth theater production, and our nephew graduated high school…both requiring our presence. Oh, and don’t forget Mother’s Day!


How was your month?

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7 thoughts on “The Merry Month of May-hem

  1. There’s been plenty of MAY-hem for me this month as well. I am so ready for this holiday weekend. Love this shot and your treatment. Thanks for sharing it with us at Flower Art Friday!


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