Red, ripe and now in my deep freeze

Texture by Kim Klassen Cafe: Epiphany

One must maintain a little bit of summer in the middle of winter.
Henry David Throreau

This week over at Quotography, it’s our May Favorite. And while this might not be my favorite May shot, it’s certainly is something I spent a lot of time doing this month! The shot also fits nicely over at Texture Tuesday since Kim’s theme is Quotes.

One of my BFFs has a strawberry patch…a very healthy strawberry patch. Around the middle of May she’s begging people to come and pick. And, well, since she’s a BFF, I can’t disappoint her. 🙂  So, in the end I was the recipient of enough strawberries to make 20 pint jars of jam and a gallon ziplock bag of whole frozen berries for smoothies. Add to that, the fresh ones I brought to a graduation party and some more to a Memorial Day BBQ. AND, I gave quart bags full of berries to a few people! Yes, it was a healthy crop this year!

But in the middle of winter, opening a new jar of strawberry jam is one of the best remembrances of warmer days.

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13 thoughts on “Red, ripe and now in my deep freeze

  1. That is absolutely the best strawberry patch to have…a friend’s! We used to call those “path gardens”, as in “we have a path to their garden”! Lovely jam – and I loved the quote!


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