Changes in attitude

You know it’s going to be a hot summer when temps are in the 90s in May. Usually in the hot weather, Tanner has a baby pool to splash in and keep cool.

But lately when we walk in the evening, I could tell he was exceptionally hot this early in the season. And for good reason…would you like to wear a full-length fur coat all day every day with temps pushing 100F? My first clue was when he didn’t move for hours while laying on the cool tile in the kitchen..with his tongue hanging out of his mouth. I thought he was dead from heat exhaustion.

In the past, I’ve been reluctant to do anything drastic about his heavy coat in the summer. I bathe and brush him regularly beginning in the spring…usually brushing the equivalent of a couple of Lhasa Apsos and a Pomeranian out of him by the time we’re finished. The “Golden” sites strongly discourage shaving the breed. So I’ve deferred to those that were in the know.

But…all that changed last week. Tanner had a spa day.

Stop laughing. Oh yes you are, I hear the giggles and LOLs.

And the purists are shaking their heads in disgust.

Supposedly the undercoat of a Golden keeps them cool and it’s not necessary to shave them if you brush them…like 24/7. And on many levels, I can see where that’s true. And, they say some dogs go into a depression and are embarrassed with the removal of their coat.

Tanner? Not so much.

Yes, we’re keeping a close eye on him so he doesn’t get sunburned. Our backyard has pockets of shade and faces east so the patio is shaded most of the day. And he genuinely seems to be happier and more active…if that’s possible. On evening walks, he prances with his tail up like he owns the neighborhood. The tail, which now looks like something on the back of a horse.

But I agree, he’s going to look awfully dorky for a while.

And I may or may not make this a regular summer event. We’ll see how it goes. Entrepreneur is thrilled since the house has less dog hair dust bunnies. I love his coat and was assured it would grow back just as pretty as it was before. Just in time for cooler Middle Missouri weather.

Tanner’s still a goof.

But a cool goof.


11 thoughts on “Changes in attitude

  1. Years ago I had a black lab/golden retriever mix who would hide from embarrassment and tuck her tail between her legs if we trimmed her hair short. Silly girl! Tanner, however, owns it, showing his confidence.


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