Celebrate all the colors of summer!

When the air brings the thrill of the chill, it’s time for slow-cooked soups and comfort food to get through the winter months. But when the weather warms, summer fare turns to fresh veggies! Lately, I’ve been on a zucchini, yellow squash, red bell pepper and red onion kick. Slice and throw in a skillet with some grilled chicken, olive oil and garlic/salt/pepper… and dinner is served in about 10 minutes tops! What could be easier?

We now have a grill wok for the BBQer and have been using it for veggies. I love the smokey flavor and it takes the same amount of time as stir-fry…without heating up the kitchen! Just cut and toss veggies into a zip-lock bag with a bit of olive oil, garlic, salt, pepper and other seasonings. Coat everything well and toss into the heated wok.

It. Is. Amazing.

On the cooler side of the color palette, I used this adorable purple woodland wildflower I found on a walk in the neighborhood. Wouldn’t this color combo make a fabulously soothing spa-like retreat?

Today, June 20th, is the first official day of summer…although it seems like it’s been summer here since the first of May with temps in the 90F. They say it’s the longest day of the year. But really it’s the day with the longest sunlight hours because, of course, every day has the same amount of hours. 🙂

Happy Summer Solstice!

4 thoughts on “Celebrate all the colors of summer!

  1. Quick, easy and looks delicious! The kind of meals I love, although husband is not as thrilled with them. He’s a red meat and starch fan, vegetables being something you eat because someone insists. Your first color scheme is vibrant and lively; the second would be perfect for a porch shrouded by sheer hangings, a comfy lounge and the sound of birdsong, good book and glass of wine on the table beside you.


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