The trumpet of angels

Textures by Kim Klassen Cafe: Rejoice and Lily

This flower literally stopped me in mid-step. I saw it from the sidewalk as I was walking one afternoon on a break from work. An entire 7 foot tall bush loaded with them! So, of course I detoured off the sidewalk and carefully into the mulch to get a better view…and photo of course.

Bass Performance Hall; Fort Worth TX

Brugmansia is the botanical name, but since botanical names are sometimes ridiculously hard to pronounce, someone nicknamed it…and appropriately I might add…Angle’s Trumpet. To give you some perspective, this single bloom was about 15 inches long. It’s suppose to open in the evening, although these were open in mid-afternoon. The plant was in the shade so perhaps it was confused. It’s fragrance is intoxicatingly (is that a word?) sweet.

And when you look at this lovely blossom, can’t you just imagine the archangel Gabriel with trumpet in hand, ready to announce something earthshakingly important?

But, as with so many things in life, looks can be deceiving. While the show-stopping flower is beautiful and unique, Angel’s Trumpet is a deadly plant, and all parts of it are toxic. It’s considered a hallucinogen and narcotic. So don’t smoke it, make tea with it, or eat any part of it!

Or you just might be seeing angles sooner than you thought.

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12 thoughts on “The trumpet of angels

  1. What a beautiful flower! I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like it. It defintely would have stopped me in my tracks, too. Well captured my friend. Thanks for sharing it with Flower Art Friday.


  2. Are you near Fort Worth? I recognize the gorgeous trumpeters from Bass Hall. 🙂 Lovely bloom! So glad you captured it. I had a trumpet vine once that went crazy and grew through a POT. Wow!


  3. What an interesting background on this beautiful, and very large flower! Wow, 15″ long. I love the shape, and soft yellow color. Your processing is very lovely.


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