Here comes the sun!

And how! The weather guessers are saying our 11 days above 100F heat stroke wave will break next Monday. Toasty doesn’t even come close to describing how suffocatingly, oppressively hot it’s been here lately. The only things growing without the aid of gallons of water are the Queen Anne’s Lace and the wild Chicory. I’ve heard there isn’t any water in the ground 5 feet down from the surface in the areas that aren’t routinely in the paths of a sprinkler (aka: farmland).

Middle Missouri set a record last week at 107F and today it’s suppose to be 104F. Tanner and I walk after the sun sets at 8pm and it’s still around 95F. So, for Flower Art Friday, I found a sunflower whose petals look like flames of fire.


Linking up with Flower Art Friday.

PS: Some­thing is amiss with my com­ment box. If you are having prob­lems posting, please refresh the page and your com­ments may mag­i­cally appear. I’m working on it, but a little bit of knowl­edge is dan­gerous and I’m not a techie. I do so look for­ward to your com­ments and hope you’ll be patient while I cuss rant scream bitch figure out the problem.


11 thoughts on “Here comes the sun!

  1. Our heat wave broke on Monday ……and by all accounts it will be back this coming Monday 😦 We’re off to Venice for the day today and the forecast isfor 24 degrees and rain …….. I am so happy!!!!!!!!! (but no sunflowers in Venice…..)


  2. Hmmm, and I thought the mid 90’s (here) was hot!
    Sure hope you get some relief soon.
    I don’t mind the heat so much, but we desperately need rain.
    LOVE this sunflower!

    You have a fantastic weekend, my friend.



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