Every heart beats true to the Red White and Blue

By profession I am a soldier and take pride in that fact.
But I am prouder–infinitely prouder– to be a father.
~Douglas MacArthur

This week’s prompt at Quotography is Red, White and Blue. And if you’ve spent 5 minutes in this country, you know that Red, White and Blue is synonymous with the USA! So rather than pick a shot of fireworks, bunting or our flag, I chose the reason why so many give their service and be part of keeping our country free.

We celebrated our nation’s Independence Day last week, not with a showy display of military power and might, but with family gatherings, picnics, pool parties, community parades, BBQs and fireworks. How cool is that? The ideals of individual liberty and freedom have endured 236 years, but we’re a young country by most of the world’s standards. I wonder how many of us…as we stuffed ourselves with hot dogs, potato salad, pie and ice cream…gave much thought to those responsible for us having the day off work?

Those American Revolutionaries started with an idea they felt would make life better for their families. And, 236 years later, we continue that tradition for providing those ideals to our families.

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