A is for Apocalypse

Welcome to ABC Round 11!

Each week this journey through the alphabet takes us world wide to see what others have to share. Come along with us….

For this round, I’m going to modify a theme I did previously where we trekked through the bible and met different people and places along the way. If you missed it last time, I began with Abraham. This time, we’ll travel that road again, but I may go down a few bunny trails and share some other related topics.

So…let’s begin this round with “the end.”


This funny-looking and -sounding word has come to represent the horrible destruction and devastation expected when our world ends. But the odd thing is, Apocalypse doesn’t actually mean destruction…it means revealing or unveiling.

And unless you live under a rock, you’ve heard the scary theories and predictions over the decades. The end is Here! No, it’s There! The end is Near! Whether here, near or there, it seems like predicting the end times has become somewhat of a party game. In 634 BCE, the Romans got a bit paranoid about their destiny and so began the past time of predicting the end. And, as you can plainly see, none have proven to be remotely true.

I’m not saying our world will never end…I’m just saying we are just not well equipped to predict exactly when our date with destiny will arrive.

No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father. (Mark 13:32)

The Left Behind series always made me laugh. Seriously? Yes, I know it’s a series of best-selling books and movies. But somehow I have a hard time believing Hollyweird has the inside scoop on this one.

Now, the latest theory is that the Mayan calendar predicts the world will end on December 21st of this year. Well, I certainly hope not because I’ve got a great vacay scheduled for February 2013. And, in case your haven’t noticed, the Mayan calendar is…ummm…circular. No beginning and no end. Hmmmmm.

Are we living in the end times?


So, is the world ending?

Yep, some day I believe life as we know it on this blue marble will end.

Some day I believe an apocalypse of epic proportions will come…and all will be revealed.

But until that time, I think God would prefer us to live life to the fullest, spreading His truth and joy in constructive ways, and not wasting time predicting when “the end” is coming.

Therefore judge nothing before the appointed time; wait till the Lord comes. He will bring to light what is hidden in darkness and will expose the motives of mens’ hearts.  At that time each will receive his praise from God. ~1 Corinthians 4:5

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5 thoughts on “A is for Apocalypse

  1. I like your humor. I’m not solid on the science but my understanding is that the earth has a finite life and when I did a quick google, one source said it will be about 7.5 billion years before the sun will probably destroy the earth. Oh well. Carver, ABC-Wed. Team


  2. Yeah… but I’ll point out that the preterist view is that the Apocalypse of John, aka Revelations, has already occurred for the most part. It occurred during the first through 3rd centuries AD.

    And, well… for the ancient Romans, the world did end. Or their world ended, anyways. Societies fail a lot, usually due to the same things over and over and over again.

    Chris H
    ABC Wednesday
    A is for Avogadro’s Number


  3. “But until that time, I think God would prefer us to live life to the fullest, spreading His truth and joy in con­struc­tive ways, and not wasting time pre­dicting when “the end” is coming.”

    I love and agree with this comment!


  4. What a great post, Lisa, and I agree about predicting the end. I’d rather just think about today and how fortunate we are to have it.

    Happy Monday to you my friend!


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