Rewarding good behavior

Textures by Kim Klassen Cafe: Elevate at 100% Soft Light
and Sunkissed at 100% Dissolve with parts erased.

Grandchildren are God’s reward for not killing your children.

Yes, Entrepreneur and I have been rewarded for not getting rid of Army Wife during those challenging parts of child- and teenager-hood. After all, if we had, we certainly wouldn’t have these two blessings in our lives.

Army Wife and the kids just ended their 3-week visit to Nana and Papa’s house. During that time we let no grass grow under our feet. We drug those kids all over the state visiting family and hitting some of the high point vacation attractions.

While they were here, we couldn’t get enough. Yes, the house was messy…and loud. The downstairs looked like a Barbie and My Little Pony explosion occurred when Peanut found where I was hiding stashing storing them. Discovery Toys® Marbleworks race courses were built and we created more recyclables in three weeks than we have the past six months. A gallon of milk was bought every 3 days. The laundry room took on a life of its own.

Army Wife got some much-needed child-free rest, and hopefully returned home a bit more refreshed. But I’m here to tell you, these two have energy with a capital E!

They’re gone now and the empty nest is once again empty and much, much too quiet.

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9 thoughts on “Rewarding good behavior

  1. Love photos where siblings are being unusually sweet and loving with each other as in this one. A very dear friend always said that the most important thing she could do for her grandchildren is to make some really good memories. Looks like you feel that way too, Jill.


  2. Wow, three full weeks with grandchildren! How fun could that be! 🙂 Love your photo and the little soft texture you’ve added makes it so appealing.


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