Whatever it is, it's got me good

I’m tired. Physically and mentally. It seems the littlest task takes insurmountable energy to accomplish. I’m uninspired and unmotivated both professionally and personally.

It could have something to do with the recent death of a family friend, but it was expected as he’d been ill for quite some time. It could be because of the oppressive heat, but temps have cooled 20+ degrees and are only in the 80s (F) now. I could be going through grandkid withdrawal. But I’ll see them again in September. It could be the economy…or gas prices…or the financial mess our government has put the country in now. An uncertain future does take quite a toll on the psyche.

Whatever it is, it’s got me good.

Retail shoe therapy you say? Yes, that’s an option. I’ll need to explore that possibility in more depth.

I did accomplish a color palette of one of my anniversary flowers. Looking at it now, the lighting sort of reflects my mood, and the palette is more on the subdued side. But…in the lighting, there’s some bright spots so I’m going to try and focus more on those things in life to offset the darkness.

So, if I’ve missed commenting on your posts, I’m sorry and plan to get my act together soon. I appreciate the time you take to stop by to see me, and love each and every one of your comments. I promise to stop by and visit with you soon. In fact, that’s probably the best medicine I could ask for right now!

That…and a bottle glass of wine…and lots of some dark chocolate.


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11 thoughts on “Whatever it is, it's got me good

  1. Due to our own family emergency, I haven’t been around either nor have I been writing. Trying to get as closely back to normal as we can for now. At any rate, I know life is precious and we are blessed…and that is what keeps me going. I hope you feel better, dear friend. I’m sorry you lost a loved one…we came close; fortunately we were spared from a loss I fear none of us would have recovered.


  2. There are those times when everything just gets to be too much, when you can’t quite find the light. That’s when I tend to curl up into myself, which is okay except sometimes it’s hard to uncurl. What the heck, have the whole bottle of wine and the whole bar of dark chocolate – and feel better. Tomorrow will be full of enough.


  3. It’s a beautiful flower and compostion. I hear you loud and clear…I think we all go through times like that. Just know that there are people who care and share in your feelings.


  4. Lisa, I am so sorry, and although it may not be of much help, i think we all go through this from time to time. I am even planning my up-and-coming one (my son leaving for school)!

    I hope that when you read this, you are feeling “good as new!”

    Sending you big big hugs, dear friend.


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