Five Good Things

A couple of days ago I shared that I’m in a funk. Unmotivated, unproductive and uninspired. Not a good combination for a right brainer.

So today, I’m going to focus on five good things in my life. We’ll see how it goes….

1. Entrepreneur and I are planning a trip to see the kids and grandkids in September. And it will most likely involve theme parks. We haven’t seen The Floridian and DJ since their trip to Middle Missouri last February (why one comes from Florida to Missouri in February is beyond me….). Since it will still be warm when we go, vegetating by the pool may be on the agenda. Oh. Wait. What am I thinking? Four- and eight-year-old kidlets and pools don’t really lend themselves to much vegetating. Sounds like Entrepreneur will be a very busy Papa. 😉

2. With the drought, our garden was nothing to brag about this year. But there have been a few bright spots. I froze 28 quarts of corn before the heat set in. And since the summer heat, the okra has gone crazy. I’ve frozen nine, gallon-size zip lock bags of the stuff. Army Wife took packed corn and okra in coolers for her family and The Floridian/DJ, and we still have more than enough stocked in the deep freeze for winter. I’m hopeful we’ll get some fall corn, but unless it gets some more water, I’m afraid our efforts will be wasted.

3. The temperature has dropped about 20 degrees (F) from what it was a few weeks ago. While little comfort for everyone who lost trees, bushes, flowers, it’s providing some relief for what is still hanging on. I’ve noticed the evenings are definitely cooler and I can once again relax on the patio after work.

4. Remember my Secret Snacking post back in March? Well, I’m happy to announce that since the middle of March, I’ve lost (drum roll please) 23 pounds. The equivalent of a small child. No long hours at the gym or exhausting workouts. Just keeping to 1200 calories a day and walking 2-3 miles 4-5 nights a week with Tanner. Calories in…calories out. I’m paying some attention to what makes up that 1200 calorie count, but I’m not obsessive about it. Of course, I’m hungry all. the. time. but guess that’s a small price to pay for the excuse to buy new clothes.

5. And finally, there’s Tanner. You may remember his “summer do” from a few months ago. Well, his golden coat is growing out nicely and should be back to its original hairy self before the snow flies.

And, no matter how bad a day I’ve had, I can’t help but smile when Tanner realizes it’s time for our evening walk. I swear that dog can tell time because every night about 7pm he looks at me with those sad puppy dog eyes as if to say

Come oooooon Mom…don’t you know what time it is?!

Yes, baby dog, I do.




4 thoughts on “Five Good Things

  1. Love the Tanner’s hair photo – he has such a beautiful coat! I’ve concluded that dogs have an amazing internal clock system – I get those looks at dinner time and if I just mention “walk” I’m met with excitement. Shasta literally bounces up and down, making it very difficult to get to the door. Bailey smiles and wags her tail.


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