A Favorite Quotography

For every minute you’re angry,
you lose sixty seconds of happiness.

Nicolasa over at My Perspective is closing out her run as hostess for Quotography. She seems to think they’re going to be really, really busy soon with….a new baby! 🙂 Congratulations to her family, and we thank her for allowing us to feed our passion for photography and words. Her final hostess opportunity before Kaylene from My Whisperings takes over is to share our favorite Quotography entry. Looking back, I couldn’t really pick one….but one did stand out to me because of recent events.

Why? Because Entrepreneur and I have gone to two funerals in two weeks. Which is entirely too many. And that’s why this quote stood out in my mind above the others. There’s nothing like a funeral to brain slap a person into realizing what really matters in life.

If I have one wish today, it would be for everyone to realize that none of us are promised a tomorrow on this earth. And every second counts. Why would we spend these seconds angry, resentful and bitter when we could be focusing on the positive things others bring to our lives?

The last opportunity to be with my dad was Thanksgiving 1992. I was a young mom of two very active daughters. As usual, the holiday was hectic and busy. But a week later, my dad wasn’t with us anymore. To say it was sudden and unexpected would be an understatement. With one phone call, there would be no more Thanksgivings, Christmases, Easters or birthdays. He was only 64 years old. One year shy of retirement. If I’d only known…..I would have made certain to make every minute count on that particular Thanksgiving holiday…and the week after.

But we never really know, do we?

If someone close to you were no longer here, what would be your last memory of them? What would have been your last words to them? What would have been your last thoughts of them? If you don’t like the answers, I hope you take action to change them…today.

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7 thoughts on “A Favorite Quotography

  1. So much truth in the quote and what you’ve written. I had a similar experience with my dad. It’s easier to be kind and loving every minute with someone I know is seriously ill. So much more difficult to remember that we are on this earth one day, one hour, one minute at a time.


  2. Such wise words, the quote and yours, with which I agree wholeheartedly. A local church has posted the following saying on it’s outside board:
    He who angers you, controls you.

    Also very wise.


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