My Missing In Action hummers have returned!

Look who is back!

MIA for most of the summer, I’ve noticed a significant increase in activity at the feeders this past week.

In fact, sometimes it looks like a friggin’ hummer convention! Or a hummer war….because all they seem to want to do is dive bomb each other.

The temps have cooled a bit and it’s actually enjoyable to be outside again. Oh, and I met someone new….

He’s very shy and didn’t really want to spend any time getting to know me. I can’t imagine why, and I’m trying not to take it personally. I looked him up online and his profile says he’s a 5-lined skink. Maybe we’ll meet again someday. One thing’s for sure…he moves very fast.

Hope your summer’s end has been enjoyable.



3 thoughts on “My Missing In Action hummers have returned!

  1. Our summer’s end is lingering much longer than usual. We are still hitting 80 or a bit above, which is not at all normal for our Septembers. I am not complaining. We still have a couple of hummers about, but the Orioles are gone. Really, about all I’m seeing are the Pine Siskin and some other finches, the Chickadees and some Nuthatches. Of course, the jays. And lots and lots of Robins – they are having bathing fests in my fountain, flapping so much water out that it runs out of water before the night filling comes (it is filled by a dripper connected to my drip system), so I have had to fill it with the hose a couple of days. I am not complaining.


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