Pirate Peanut

Peanut just turned 4 years old, and celebrated with a Jake and the Neverland Pirates party on September 8th! How fun does that sound? Complete with water balloon fights, a pinata and Jolly Roger cupcakes. Just wanted to share some of the fun with you, compliments of Army Wife/Guy photos.

What pirate party is complete without a bounty of fruit swords, (gold)fish of the sea crackers, cheese puff cannonballs, watermelon in a pirate ship and Jolly Roger cupcakes?

Let the war begin!

A Pinata-pounding Peanut. Mama certainly dressed the part, didn’t she? 😉

Some of Army Wife’s creative handiwork…Everyone got to be Pirates Jake and/or Izzy.

I love the expression on her face!

“Officially,” she became a four-year-old Peanut on September 9th.

Not quite birthday twins, Peanut shares her birthday week with her Daddy, whose birthday is September 7th! Double the celebration, double the fun!




4 thoughts on “Pirate Peanut

  1. What a delightful post, Lisa! It must have been a great party! Thanks for all the beautiful photos and giving us the feeling that we were there in person! Many happy returns to little Peanut and her dad!


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