Cheerful hearts

A cheerful heart is a good medicine,
but a downcast spirit dries up the bones.

~Proverbs 17:22 

Quotography’s prompt is healing this week. My take on this is the healing of the heart and soul, which I think sometimes can be a little more complicated than the healing of the body.

Perpetual whining, griping, complaining and otherwise choosing to be miserable is the soul in desperate need of healing. And, many times, the source of this sickness is an ungrateful heart. Grumbling about a situation is pretty much the same as resentment about the situation. Extended resentment can lead to a hardened heart. And constant ungratefulness, resentment and hard heartedness has a tendency to reveal an underlying problem with the spirit.

Yeah, I know we all get down in the dumps about major set-backs, wretched circumstances and impossible situations. Completely understandable. It’s what we choose to do when that happens that speaks to the health and wellness of our hearts and souls. I’m sure we all know people who seem to make grousing and grumbling about life a professional pursuit. Never mind about the blessings and good things in life….all they want to focus on is making the negative trump any happiness there might be. It’s like the Gratefulness and Happiness folders on their brain’s hard drives have been permanently deleted. All these negative things result in shriveling up hearts and blinding eyes to everyday joys that are everywhere. The downward spiral seems impossible to stop.

Here’s how it usually goes:

Us: God, I’m in such a bind. Puleeeezzzeee let (insert wish list) happen/not happen and get me out of this jam. I’m so depressed and in such a funk about it all. Please make this miracle happen.

God: Nope, I’m not going to answer that prayer at this time. Not gonna happen. Now, snap out of it and let’s see what you can accomplish with what you’ve been given.

Spiritual healing is desperately needed in these situations, whether its our own or someone else’s life. I’m sure ungratefulness and resentfulness sadden God’s heart. It’s almost like thumbing our noses at the blessings He has given in our lives.

A cheerful heart allows us to view each day as a celebration. It’s not just putting on the rose-colored glasses and trivializing the trials; it’s more of an attitude adjustment that, in spite of whatever happens, we have the choice to respond by still appreciating the good things while working through the bad.

And BTW, a cheerful heart has these benefits:

  1. It makes us more enjoyable to be around! Smiles and laughter are much better company than frowns and whining.
  2. Life begins to look differently. We begin to see blessings in small, everyday things instead of focusing on the negative.
  3. Our attitude improves and we create a can-do mentality instead of a woe-is-me attitude. A can-do attitude is more creative and productive than a sour-puss.
  4. There is less stress in the home, which affects everyone!
  5. We honor our Creator by thanking Him for what we’ve been given. Even when it may not be what we want at the time.

A cheerful heart is medicine that brings on the best kind of healing.

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10 thoughts on “Cheerful hearts

  1. I had to read your comment about healing a couple of times, it is so true and I have probably been guilty along the way. Such a lovely photograph with your quote, thank you for sharing. Cheers


  2. I love the quote “A cheerful heart allows us to view each day as a celebration”. It is so true and very good advice. I am going to post that on my bulletin board. Love the picture… that beautiful smile that lets us know she is celebrating her life!


  3. Great message and one I truly believe in. Like P.A.C.E…..Positive Attitude Conquers Everything. My son’s football coach taught the team that acronym back in 5th grade, we have never forgotten it!

    Smiles travel miles!


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