Changing tempo

Texture by Kim Klassen Cafe: musiclovin | Hard Light with 50% eraser

When the music changes, so does the dance
~African proverb

Wouldn’t it be silly to wear a winter coat in the scorching heat of the summer? How about shoveling snow in shivering temps while sporting a swim suit? And wouldn’t it be silly to try and dance a ballroom waltz to rock and roll? Or a Latin salsa to a John Phillips Sousa military march?

Entertaining? Yes. Sensible? Not so much.

Just like the seasons, when the external elements change, a new dance is required internally. Life is a dance, and we constantly need to learn new steps to new rhythms as we choreograph our way through it.

But whenever the music and tempo change, we’ll enjoy the dance better if we adjust our steps give it a whirl!

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5 thoughts on “Changing tempo

  1. You’ve done it again – the image, the quote, your words – priceless! The best part of the dance is that sometimes it is slow and languid and other times it becomes frenetic – a test of our ability to keep up. But never is it boring.


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