An Autumn Palette of the Red-ish variety

This Fall palette is more Christmas-y that the typical Autumn golds and oranges. But I’ve noticed I seem to gravitate to the reds of the Autumn season. New additions to the yard include three burning bushes and some Autumn Joy sedums…both brilliantly red this time of year.

Oh, I do love all the colors of Autumn, and I never pass up an opportunity to shoot flaming oranges or fluorescent yellows. But the deep, jewel tones of burgundy, scarlet and forest green are by far my faves.

The Bradford Pear trees are beginning to show off their gorgeous tri-colors.

I think I definitely need to have some red mums to go along with the burning bushes and sedums.

And who could pass up a gorgeous red maple tree?

Autumn is time to dig out those cute boots and jackets (for the ladies); take time to play in the leaves; sip hot cider by a campfire….

…and enjoy all the sites, sounds, smells and colors of the season!




3 thoughts on “An Autumn Palette of the Red-ish variety

  1. Lovely reds. Our fall has been gentle with us this year – the first year since we moved here 13 years ago where my outside potted plants still look good. Usually we have a killing frost anytime after August 25. Colors have been glorious this year but sadly the winds came in today bringing with them a cold front (those weather people say), and the colors are drifting to the ground. I wanted them around just a bit longer – say, till December.


  2. I’m couldn’t agree more, I love the whole pallet of Autumn colors and the beautiful visual mélange they create, but my eye is always drawn to the reds. You’ve captured two of my favorites here – red mums and the maple (gorgeous!), but my favorite photo in this beautiful collection is the Bradford Pear! I don’t think we have any of those up here, and I love both its shape and its color. What a handsome tree!


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