Autumn goes out in a blaze of glory

It occurs to me that I’m spending too much time with the reds of Autumn and the oranges are getting a bit jealous. So, to give them equal billing, here are some brilliant Autumn oranges in middle Missouri.

The sassafras tree always puts on a spectacular show with its flaming orange leaves. Caught in the right light, they look almost transparent.

Not one to be upstaged by a sassafras, the serviceberry tree turned a lovely shade of orange this year as well. I don’t remember it being this color last year, but maybe I just don’t get on that side of the house much.

And, of course, event though it’s not a tree, there’s always this for an orange specimen.

And let’s not forget the yellows and golds.

I’m sorry, I just couldn’t pass up an opportunity to show off Tanner and the end result of this summer’s shaving! It still cracks me up every time he picks up his leash and carries it in his mouth when it’s time to walk. We’re running out of daylight after work and soon it’ll be too dark to walk after 5pm. So, I suppose we’ll be limited to the weekends.

I hope you’re enjoying these Autumn days and colors.

Fall has always been my favorite season. The time when everything bursts with its last beauty, as if nature had been saving up all year for the grand finale.
~Lauren DeStefano



7 thoughts on “Autumn goes out in a blaze of glory

  1. Very pretty. Our colors came during the rains so I wasn’t able to photograph many. There were pretty but it was sad to see the rains and winds pull them off the trees.


  2. I enjoyed the beautiful leaves and loved the pumpkin photo, but when I got to Tanner my heart was stolen completely! What a sweetie, and how fun that he communicates so clearly when it’s time for a walk!

    We have a golden dog too (a rescue mix of unknown breeds – maybe some golden, some husky, some coyote?!) and I’m always telling our Josie how very autumnal she is (and how beautiful). 🙂


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