Kitchen Reno Demo

We’ve been watching entirely too much HGTV. Remember last year when we got new carpet?

Well, we’ve seen so many Property Brothers, Love It or List It and House Hunters programs, that we believe we can take on…….

The Kitchen Renovation Project

Well, we’re only  going to do the demolition part. But endless hours of frustration have gone into researching and shopping for all the new components. But, now the appliances are under roof, the cabinets have been refaced, and the counter tops, faucet and hardwood flooring are on order. And we’re leaving the install to professionals.

Demo began uneventfully with the celebratory hacksawing of the drywall.

And then, in true Property Brothers and Love It or List It fashion…..

What is THAT doing there? I had no idea……

So we have a good excuse to stop and go buy new toys.

Reno resumes. Tile back splashes come down…..

Drywall and tile dust accumulates…everywhere and on everything.

Floor tile comes up. And I would just like to say up front that floor tile is put. in. to. stay. OMG, the hours it’s taken to remove the tile and concrete board is ridiculous.

So stay tuned for more fun and games as we go through the empty nest reno at our casa. Meanwhile, there’s lots of this (aka: dust)….

and this (aka: more dust)……

But the finished product is going to be fantastic.

Isn’t it? Please tell me it’s going to be fantastic. My back and shoulders need the encouragement.



6 thoughts on “Kitchen Reno Demo

  1. It is going to be FAB!!! and I can’t wait to see photos of the finished job – good on you both – you for taking the photos and putting up with the mess etc and the entrepreneur for doing it all with a smile on his face . the best way to do anything right? ps what is HGTV???


  2. It’s going to be gorgeous! It’s going to be fabulous! You are going to love it! And it won’t need to be done again for a very long time! HGTV does that to you, doesn’t it?


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