Bare bones…and not much cooking either

If you want to test the resolve of your marriage, build a fence together….or a house (or two)….or renovate a kitchen.

Entrepreneur and I have done the first two successfully. The third is still a work in progress and a test of patience.

If you’ve been following the kitchen reno demo you know we’re giving the empty nest a facelift.

Gone is the tile from the floor and back splash. We’re mopping the sub floor to try and keep the dust under control. We’re losing. The counter decision has been made, but we have no idea what we’re doing for a back splash at this point. The appliances are in in boxes in the garage.

So, the kitchen is down to bare bones right now. Only the essentials are left. The unadorned framework of the kitchen doesn’t lend itself to many gourmet meals these days. Hallelujah for crock pot cooking! And take-out pizza. Entrepreneur and his dad, The Electrician, did succeed in getting the new microwave and wall oven in over the weekend. And to to top it off, Entrepreneur moved 1700 pounds of bamboo flooring packages into the house Monday night so they could get accustom to their new home. I say he did because all I did was reposition the makeshift plywood ramps into the house after each dolly trip from the trailer.

The counters and hardwood flooring is scheduled for installation in a few weeks.

And I’ve scheduled a complete meltdown the first of December.

4 thoughts on “Bare bones…and not much cooking either

  1. I cannot imagine trying to work in a gutted kitchen – or a gutted any room for that matter. Going through this with the holidays in the offing – you are either very courageous or not too smart :). But it will be oh so nice when it’s done, huh? I’m considering doing a backsplash myself. Considering.


  2. Oh no, not the first of Dec.!! At least wait til after Christmas! 🙂
    You two are a wonderful team, and I’ll bet this will be beautiful when done.
    I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.
    I am so thankful that you are here!


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