Uncovered past

It’s still sitting in our driveway.

But it’s a lot fuller now. After the floor came up and back splash came down, Entrepreneur wanted to move to the basement storage area.


I jut want it on record that I’m not a hoarder, but admit there’s a lot of memories stashed away in that area. Entrepreneur offered to start without me but there was no way that was going to happen. Who knows what he would have thrown out.

After the initial purge of old lumber and empty boxes, I compromised on quite a few items that probably didn’t need to be permanent part of memory lane.

But as we were purging, we ran across two of the kids’ elementary school projects. Talk about memories flooding back! I immediately saw little blonde-haired girls designing and building their ideas at the kitchen table. The pride in their creative accomplishments when finished was priceless.

Now, remember, these are about 12-15 years old…before much technological wizardry was around in our house. We relied a lot on found materials, clay, paint and nature to create these elaborate projects. And lots of blood, sweat and, yes, even some meltdown tears.

Here is Army Wife’s 5th grade space station, a team effort with her best friend. Obviously located on the red planet of Mars, this US outpost is a space city, complete with red felt satellite receiver and aluminum foil energy panels…or are they windows? I can’t remember. But a fantastic, futuristic home for 10-year old sci-fi fans in the late 1990s. Of course, the United States flag sits on top of the station.

On the other end of the time warp is The Floridian’s 4th or 5th grade recreation of Little House on the Prairie…or something along those lines. It’s almost completely made of baked clay except for the base, stick accessories and the sheltering tree. It was one of the more elaborate displays in the class. I honestly had to marvel at her patience in molding the clay into all the little details. The garden actually has little plants growing in it.

These hold wonderful memories for me, but not very practical to keep. So now they’re forever memorialized in digital media.


5 thoughts on “Uncovered past

  1. Digital storage is probably the best way to keep memories like this – no fear of breakage and it takes far less space. Then it just becomes a matter of keeping up with the latest storage media. Great projects!


  2. Oh, I do know how this goes!
    I still have pairs of baby shoes, boxes of books, toys, etc.
    Just not ready to part with them quite yet.
    I still love running into them in the basement when I am down there looking for something completely unrelated.


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