A milestone birthday

No, not mine. Hers.

She’s now a quarter of a century old. Sounds horrible, doesn’t it? But this phrase translates to only 25 years…and that sounds young to most of us.

We’ll celebrate the Floridian’s milestone birthday separately this year. She, as you can guess, is in Florida and we….are landlocked in Middle Missouri. But that doesn’t keep her from being front and center in my mind on this special day. Her birth day.

You’ve read past postings about my early Christmas gift for 1987 HERE and HERE.

I think moms always get a little misty-eyed when their children’s birthdays come around. So many memories of the “firsts” come flooding back on those days; more than any other time of the year. The moment they began to crawl, stand alone, first step….first day of school, last day of high school….college graduation and, of course, the right of passage that accompanies turning 21 years old.

But although the calendar says she’s a grown woman…a woman hell-bent the summer of 2010 on fulfilling her goal of living in Florida; a woman who is making her way in the world; a woman who is sometimes entirely too stubbornly independent…on this day, she’s still my baby girl.

floridian kid pics

We saw her in February when she came for a visit. And we met in Orlando the end of September for some fun in the sun. She calls us occasionally a on her way to and from work. But I still miss her.

Happy Birth Day to my baby girl. May the next three quarters of a century of your life be as exciting as the first!


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