On the twelfth day of Christmas…….

Christmas tree 2012

You may think this is a shot of my tree before Christmas morning. But you would be incorrect. This is still my tree…patiently waiting for Peanut and her family to arrive. (Patience is a virtue….Patience is a virtue….Patience is a virtue….Patience is a virtue….)

First they were coming on the 26th so I didn’t mail the gifts. Then it was the 28th. Then it was the 3rd. And now it looks like it might be the 5th. Or 6th. But it’s okay…or so I’m telling myself. It’s not really their fault. The  fates are just not allowing us to be together yet.

But when they do, there will be presents and food and family and fun. The Floridian sent presents for everyone as well with the stipulation that we couldn’t open any of them until Peanut got here.

Christmas was unusually quiet this year with just Entrepreneur, Tanner and myself. There were wonderful visits to see extended family the weekend before, but it’s not quite the same as having your own close at hand. And not having a child in the house makes Christmas a totally different experience. Entrepreneur and I got a kitchen reno for Christmas so there weren’t a lot of funds in the account for any more extravagance. But he did sneak the book, The Hobbit, into my stocking! Shhhh……His gift is buried under the tree, but he doesn’t know it!

In the meantime, much as I hate it, I’ll be working on de-Christmasing the house…except for the tree, of course.



8 thoughts on “On the twelfth day of Christmas…….

  1. Patience is indeed a virtue and your will is stronger than ours. I don’t think those wrapped presents would stand a chance at this house unless we used a 24-hour armed guard.


  2. First we can’t wait for the kids to get here, and then when they leave the house feels so empty and lonely – I tried to convince mine they should just stay – or take us with them. When yours finally do arrive, breathe in their closeness and enjoy the warmth and the love drawing in enough to last until next time.


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