You are my sunshine…..

sunshine award Carol at Wanderings of an Elusive Mind passed me the Sunshine Award a few weeks ago and I must thank her for the kind shout out. If you don’t know Carol, you need to. So, jump over there when you’re finished here and say hello. The requirements for accepting this award are: 1. Display the award logo on your blog. 2. Link back to the person who nominated you. 3. State 5 things about yourself. 4. Pass the award onto 6 other bloggers and link to one of their specific posts so that they get notified by ping back. Numbers 1 and 2….check. Number 3? Oh boy, what do I tell you that I haven’t already told you? Well, lets see…. 1. My favorite philosopher is CS Lewis. It was almost a tie between him and Dr. Seues, but CS won out in the end. 2. I’m a good confidant. In other words, I can keep secrets. 3. My biggest accomplishment of late is that I lost 30 pounds this past year. And I’m in the process of purging my closet. 4. My favorite television programs now are Suits, Person of Interest and Once Upon A Time. A little something there for everyone. 5. I went to see the movie, The Hobbit, and now, as usual, am immersed in the book. No, I’ve never read it. Don’t judge. When Entrepreneur and I returned from the movie, we immediately began watching the Lord of the Rings trilogy…again. Number 4? Now, this is where the rules and I part company. Since it simply too hard to pick, I always throw it out there that, if I read your blog regularly, consider yourself chosen. But only if you want it. Of course, you’re all sunshine to me! 😀

3 thoughts on “You are my sunshine…..

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