The ups and downs of walking a dog

Wasn’t Saturday a gorgeous January day? At least in Middle Missouri it was. Temps hovering around 60F. Clear skies. A perfect day to go walking with Tanner.

We saw neighbors we haven’t seen since it got cold. Moose, the black lab was walking his human and we paired up for a few blocks with them.

And then there was Ethel. Ethel is a lovely, chocolate brown, German Pointer who was walking with her people. Tanner had not formally introduced himself to her. But when we met up with them, all formality and manners went right out the window.

And when he lunged to make her acquaintance, I went right down on the asphalt.

dog walk casualty

I’m here to tell you that asphalt chip and seal hurts when you skid across it. I was more embarrassed than anything else when it happened. After all, Tanner has never done that! We’ve worked really hard at being mannerly when meeting new people. It wasn’t until they helped me up off the street and noticed I was bleeding that I realized just how scraped up my hand was.

But we walked another mile with them anyway, not thinking much about it…until later when we got home. Later meaning the time when the stinging and throbbing began as we walked in the door. Chip and seal creates quite the raw wound, and never let anyone tell you that peroxide doesn’t hurt. It does. A lot.

Thankfully, no sprains and nothing broke. Just a lot of bruising, some soreness in my upper back and lower hip where I hit the ground…hard.

But you don’t realize just how many things touch the palm of your hands during the day!

I do now.


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