Would you like the senior discount?


Today is my birthday and I think I now officially qualify for most senior discounts. Although I don’t really feel as old as the calendar insists, I’m now at the age where I probably have more memories than dreams.

And I suppose that’s okay. I do dream about (early) retirement though. Especially on Mondays…and when it’s a 10F morning…and when it’s a sunny 80F afternoon…and when my grandkids are in town…

But on this semi-major birth day, I find myself looking introspectively at my life. And after reading many of your New Year’s reflection posts, it got me thinking………

What was my biggest achievement of the year?
Personally, my biggest achievement was losing 30 pounds over 9 months. When we returned from last February’s vacay, I was so unhappy with how I felt. And after years of whining about it and making excuses, I finally got frustrated enough to do something about it.

What was my biggest disappointment of the year?
Probably not limited to this year, but in 2008 I made the decision to leave the right-brain world of advertising to work with Entrepreneur at his business. While it was necessary for my sanity to get out of the stress-induced environment of that particular ad agency, I miss interacting with other right-brainers. From time to time I reflect on where life has taken me, very conscious I didn’t achieved the career position I’d hoped for at this stage in my life. Has it turned out for the best? In many ways, yes. But I find myself needing to find alternate creative outlets to fill that right-brain void.

What is something I did that I’ll remember for the rest of my life?
Well, let’s see….I didn’t sky dive, climb a mountain, win the Nobel Peace Prize or discover anything of value to the world. So, I’m at a bit of a loss to one particular thing I did that was that memorable. I have loads of memories from over the years. I hope I remember them for the rest of my life.

Where did I excel – and where do I need to improve?
Areas where I need improvement are wide open…beginning with trying not to worry about my kids so much. I’m working on that anxiety thing, along with not holding on to detrimental things of the past. I’d like to think I’m better at photography and writing, but not sure I’m excelling in those areas…yet.

What are three words to describe my past year.
Challenging, frustrating, surprising

In what way(s) did I grow?
I think I’m growing in the area of patience with others…realizing that everyone has their cross to bear and sometimes they fall short of my expectations. And while trying to be more patient, I think I’m growing spiritually to be able to better extend grace to those who need it…whether I really want to do it or not!

What am I thankful for this year?
I’m thankful for family. I know that sounds like a cop out, but I am thankful we have good communication and relationships with our kids; that they feel they can come to us when there’s a problem. It wasn’t always that way (aka: the tumultuous teen years), but we’ve all come a long way since then. I’m thankful they know they know the door is always open if they want/need to come home. I’m especially thankful for beautiful grandchildren. I believe family becomes more important to a person the older…and…wiser they get.


What kept me sane?
Well, first, we’re assuming I am sane. That said, going to our church, The Crossing, and listening to their messages and music is what keeps me focused on what’s important in life. Finding a place that makes you feel comfortable yet challenges your preconceived ideas of what you thought religion was is so amazing.

What valuable life lesson did I learned since my last birthday?
This too shall pass.

6 thoughts on “Would you like the senior discount?

  1. Happy Birthday, dear Lisa!!!!

    What a wonderful post this is, and so much I can identify with, especially leaving the right-brained world (not quite there yet, but am working on it!).

    I hope your birthday was a wonderful day.


  2. I’m sorry that my neglecting of my Google Reader this weekend prevented me from wishing you a very happy birthday on time. I hope you’ll still accept all of my best wishes for a year ahead filled with health and happiness. I’m so grateful to have met you this past year!


  3. Happy Birthday two days late…

    What a fascinating exercise. Questions that really get you to thinking.

    We all make compromises, don’t we. And few of us (I suspect) achieve what we thought or hoped we might. Then again, the joys of family can be more precious than we could ever have imagined.

    I hope there was a great cake and you blew out all 45 candles!



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