Minus 43

cold bluebird-minus 43-72

Texture by Kim Klassen: Minus 43

Okay, maybe it’s not minus 43 degrees here today, but when it’s cold….it’s @#$% cold around these parts. And I’m not dealing well with it this year. In the past, I’ve laughed in the face of freezing temps with open coats and no gloves. But this year…this year is different. Seems like I’m cold all. the. time. This chilly, little bluebird is one I captured during Snowmageddon a few years ago and pretty much personifies how I feel during the winter months.

And what is it with this crazy weather? Yesterday it was mid 70sF. Today we’re having thunderstorms with tornado watches. And Thursday’s forecast is for highs in the 20sF and a low around 10F. Whaaaat the……?

Yep, it’s time to fly to St. Somewhere…she says as she is listens to Jimmy Buffet and steel drum music on Spotify.

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16 thoughts on “Minus 43

  1. Our weather in my part of the world (SW England) is weird this year, floods followed by snow followed by, you’ve guessed it floods . Hope it warms up for you soon…


  2. Wonderful photo! I just love this this little bird and the text that you added-so cute!
    I’m in Minnesota it’ll be 36 today {warmish} but it will drop to -10 by Thursday {yuck!}


  3. I’m not dealing with the cold very well this year either, and I am refusing to believe that it has anything to do with age! 🙂

    What a beautiful photo this is. Truly a little sweetheart.


  4. It sure is January my dear! Well you didn’t say where you were located so I must use my imagination or start watching the weather channel more lol. I love the idea of Jimmy Buffet and the music though! Hope you can get warm soon! The little bird is so sweet and the texture works perfectly for this!


  5. OMG..that is the sweetest little guy ever! The texture is just perfect with it. 🙂
    ps..we must live close to each other….our temp here in Iowa for yesterday was 50* and tonight it’s going to be below 0 with 6″ of snow.LOL


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