Bird-chirping weather


Textures by Kim Klassen: Oh My and Let Go

Kim’s prompt this week for Texture Tuesday is to use a photo that pops with color. And I can’t think of anything this time of year in middle Missouri that pops more than seeing a scarlet-red cardinal against our gray surroundings of winter.

It’s no secret I love Autumn with all it’s rich, jewel colors. But I try to find something good about every season since I live in this part of the country. It’s no joke that we can sometimes literally go from enjoying warm, sunny days with the windows open to turning on the heat by dinnertime.

But the one constant is the music of feathered friends. And it seems like cardinals know no season when it comes to providing a song. Springtime brings courting calls, and summer brings the chirps of parents to young fledglings. Fall and winter have songs of their own…usually relating to: Hey everybody, over here! The food has magically reappeared!

They sing to announce spring. They sing after summer thunderstorms. They sing when the ground is blanketed with snow. They sing to warn each other of danger.

They just sing. And to us, it’s music to our ears, regardless of the season.

Perhaps we could learn a lesson from them.

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16 thoughts on “Bird-chirping weather

  1. This is my most favorite back yard bird ever — and I would love to see this hanging in my home.. My mother was born in WV and this is there state bird I believe but in any case I’ve loved their color and how you have made it pop..


  2. Great shot Lisa.

    My mom’s favorite bird was the cardinal and I always smile when I see them. At a former job, I was always the first in the office, very early and was regularly greeted by a cardinal or two who were certain if they tried hard enough, they could make their way through the large glass office windows. Instead they would just bonk. Funny how birds and animals can remind us of loved ones who passed long ago.


  3. Lisa, this is beautiful, and definitely a much needed pop of color.
    I actually saw one of the handsome fellas, just a couple of days ago.
    It had been a very long time, and it was wonderful to see and hear him.


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