Contradiction in terms

wordsworth tulips72Texture by Kim Klassen: 1402

To character and success,
two things, contradictory as they may seem,
must go together…
humble dependence on God and manly reliance on self.
~William Wordsworth

Quotography: William Wordsworth and Texture Tuesday: Dream-like are coming together today for a daily double. No, these tulips are not from my yard. They jumped into my cart last night while I was grabbing essentials from the grocery store before our latest winter storm. And since today is a snow day here in middle Missouri, I’m taking advantage of it with some photography…between plowing the driveway sessions.

What do you think of the quote? Seems like a contradiction in terms, doesn’t it? Dependence on God while at the same time relying on ourselves? How does that work?

It probably doesn’t for those that want to “let go and let God” do all the work. Sometimes it’s just easier to throw in the towel and stop trying…hoping God will do something to make it all right again. And if things don’t work out, we can say, “oh well, it wasn’t God’s will.”

But that’s not how it works, is it? First of all, God always wants us to have good things in our lives. But he won’t wave a magic wand and do it for us. We need to work for the things that matter most in our lives. Which is why he gave us a brain and the gifts needed for success.

Figure it out, he smiles and says to us.

But while we are figuring out the plot and plans, there is one thing we need to always remember. And that is to depend on God to show us the way. Figure it out doesn’t mean we charge ahead with the knee-jerk actions we’re famous for doing. It doesn’t mean jumping at the first thought that the wind blows into our head. Rather, a well-thought-out plan is necessary.

And that plan begins by humbly bringing our blueprints to God for architectural review, and depending on him to guide our actions to achieve success. And knowing how to be patient for the answer. Clarity isn’t always instantaeous.

Some things to consider when making decisions. Would our decision:
1. be something God would be happy to bless?
2. reinforce worldly expectations or godly expectations?
3. be one that we could thank God for in the end?
4. promote grace, peace and harmony?
5. bring us closer to God; or distance us from him?
6. have long-term ramifications that would be detrimental to us?
7. be a victory for Satan?

Humbly depend on God for guidance, knowing we are not the best decision-makers when left to our own will. And, after that…

…make strong pot of coffee and get to work.

Blessed is the man Who walks not in the counsel of the ungodly. ~Psalm 1:1

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