Really, what is reality?

What does one do when there is 24 inches of snow on the ground and plowed 4 feet up the sides of the driveway? We revisit photos of the recent vacay to warmer climates, of course!

Someone recently commented that vacations are great, and it’s too bad we eventually have to go back to reality when they’re over. And it got me thinking about what really is reality? Are vacations only temporary, illusionary escapes from our “real” life? If so, we’ll never be happy because there’s always going to be obstacles to overcome; there’s always roadblocks and detours to navigate in life.

So, I’ve come to believe that vacations, while they can be a nice break from the day-to-day, mundane routine, are the ultimate reality check. Why, you ask? Because it’s through vacays (aka: mental health breaks) where we have the opportunity to step back, reconnect, recharge and re-prioritize our lives. When done with the family, vacays bring us back to the reality of what is truly important in our lives. It’s time when we can push all the head trash and other garbage our of our lives and focus on people we love. And remember why we love them.

The older I get, the more important family becomes. Which is why, whenever possible, Entrepreneur and I like to include family when we vacay. Oh sure, someday we’ll go off together on one for just the two of us. But for now, we love to exhaust ourselves with the fabulous chaos that goes along with traveling with children and grandchildren!

So without further ado, here are some shots from the champagne shores of what I consider my real reality…and why I work so hard to have these moments! Enjoy!

Peanut & sand
Four years old and she’s been to Mexico with us four times!

peanut familyFloridian-DJ

Of course we have the obligatory “bunny ears” shot.

Peanut sand name peanut-Floridian Peanut-nana Peanut-Papa sandcastles seagull feeding
Papa and Peanut feeding a flock of seagulls.

shark 1 shark 2 sunbathe
I think she has the hang of relaxation!

These next few are of our day at the water park.water slide 1 water slide 2
Yes, that is moi on the water slide.

water slide 3
But this little one set the record for the number of times down the slide. I think we counted 8 trips down the slide with various people!

water slide 4 water slide 5 water slide 6

coconut pirate
Now there is a story behind this one. You see, Peanut mentioned she’d like to have some coconuts. So, of course, Daddy and DJ took a covert detour one night after dinner to climb a few palm trees and bring her back some coconuts!
peanut coconuts

MeXtreme family
We found a fantastic local place called MeXtreme. Lot of fun and authentic Mexican cuisine…with a side of Mariachi musicians at dinner!

marachino cherries
Much to Peanut’s Mama’s dismay, maraschino cherries were Peanut’s “fruit” of choice for the week! And she’s so stinkin’ cute that no one could refuse her requests.

beach read


bach babes

magic touch
Our bus rides back to the resort after dinner often resulted in The Floridian having the magic touch when it came to putting Peanut to sleep.

girls 1

Cancun kids

Cancun family
A rare moment when everyone cooperated for the camera!

Keep your cheeseburger in paradise. Give me this reality any day of the week.

6 thoughts on “Really, what is reality?

  1. “Because it’s through vacays (aka: mental health breaks) where we have the oppor­tu­nity to step back, recon­nect, recharge and re-prioritize our lives. ”

    Yes, I agree with you, Lisa!

    And often times, by the time a vacay comes to its conclusion, I’m usually ready to return to my everyday life.

    Awesome photos! The one of the flying seagulls is faaaaaaaaaabulous!


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