Possibilities are endless

TT tulip72

Texture by Kim Klassen: 0303; Two layers at soft light;
tulip erased to bring it back to full color.

I have a bad habit of wanting to react instead of act. When my world rocks…and not in a good way…it tends to send me into a downward spiral. I know, I know; not good for me. But sometimes I can’t help it. When that happens, I dwell on the negative and expect the worst. Being hopeful seems to take so much more energy.

While I know possibilities are endless in most every situation, the pessimism gremlins sometimes successfully set up camp in my psyche and it’s almost impossible to evict them. Like today. I’m unsettled, have a headache and can’t focus. Plus, I’m soooooo tired of winter.

Reacting is non-productive. Sure, it’s instinctual and a normal reflex, but it doesn’t really accomplish anything except to kick in the flight or fight response. It’s only through proactive actions, that circumstances can really change for the better. Anything else can, and usually does, result in a pity party.

I think my problem is that sometimes I look at circumstances that are not my own, and my reaction is based on not being able to do anything about it. But am I really powerless to act when that happens? Do I not have control over how I respond to situations? Do I respond with positive energy and ideas to improve my outlook? Or negatively with pessimism, to perpetuate the dark cloud of despair?

Ahhh, therein lies the rub.

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11 thoughts on “Possibilities are endless

  1. “I have a bad habit of wanting to react instead of act.”

    I can be the same way, Lisa. In fact, this just happened to me over the weekend. I reacted instead of acted over something that happened at work. I haven’t done that in awhile because I know that my strong reactions at times can be said in hast; making the situation worse. So, over the years I’ve trained myself to “pause” and approach it (as you said) pro-active. However, in this case, I didn’t. And it’s just as you shared, I felt drained of energy reacting the way I did.

    Yet, the lesson I learned through this is that it’s okay to slip every once in a while and react, because I’m human. Just so long as I remember the next time. The hardest thing for me sometimes is to forgive myself, so that I can move through it.

    Great post topic!


  2. Oh, I DO know how this feels, especially when it comes to my kids. 😦
    Act vs. react. Definitely something for me to think about.
    Thank you!!

    Happy day to you, my friend.


  3. Wonderful post, Lisa.
    I think we’ve all been there, and we’ve all done that. For me, it is important that I recognize it when it happens and find ways to turn it around, although I admit, it can be a struggle sometimes.


  4. Love this image. I totally feel your pain. I had a similar situation last week, sometimes I get so frustrated with things! Hope your head feels better soon, and spring arrives in your neighborhood soon.


  5. You find the best quotations! Act vs react? A forever internal battle, I think. I know better, but still there are many instances where it’s just too difficult not to react. And then realize later that was not the best choice.


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