Would you like chocolate with your headache?

beach chairs WWW

Wow, yesterday and today have been quite the challenge at work. Entrepreneur is traveling this week. Our resident IT Guru is also out of town at a conference. So, of course, our customized, super-duper software decided to lock up yesterday.

Now, keep in mind, I’m a right-brainer that works on a fruit device. Reluctantly, I operate a non-intuitive machine with Windows, but it’s forced behavior. So when the software that needs an open Window acts up and the left-brainers that know how to fix these things are all gone, the panic lands on my desk.

Thankfully, the IT Guru returns my call on a break and walks me step by step through the fix over the phone. Crisis averted. All is well with the universe. Until…..


Today, I arrive at work unlock the doors and am just about ready for my morning mug of hot tea when I hear…..

“I can’t get to The Server.”
“I don’t have Internet.”

One by one, they come to me. As if I magically know how to re-configure the beast in the back room called The Server that holds hostage all our working files.

Did you know The Serv….. Yes.
Can you get on the Intern…. No.
Do you know how to fix The Serv….. No.
Have you called…… Yes.
Do you know when they’ll get….. No.

The answers are well above my pay grade. So we wait for the on-call IT Expert to arrive.

It’s not yet even 9am.

Would you like chocolate with your headache?

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6 thoughts on “Would you like chocolate with your headache?

  1. LOVE this, Lisa!

    “Would you like choco­late with your headache?

    HA! Isn’t chocolate the ultimate healing salve of all problems? Well, maybe not ALL problems, but it sure makes them easier to deal with.

    Hope all worked out with your IT issues.


    P.S. and I’m a right-brainer too!


  2. Oh noooooooo.
    While not the same issues, I had one of these days yesterday.
    It’s so bad when it starts going downhill first thing in the morning. 😦


  3. Problem with the Serv – IT experts can fix that. No Internet – that’s horror. Gimme choc! I’ll shut up and go to the beach. Or yes, pretend I’m there 🙂


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